Overview of Our Archives Collection

The FLH Archives collection preserves the paper history of our community. With a combination of both public and private sources, the Archives collection provides a history of Lincoln dating back to its inception, through to the current time.

Public sources, although not always readily available or easily obtained in the public domain, include land documents, abstracts, maps, deeds, census records, directories, town minutes, church, cemetery and school records, birth, marriage and death notices, regional and local books, newsletters and newspapers.

Private sources, usually never available to the public, include donated family genealogy, family histories and written accounts, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, business ledgers, and bibles. Through these sources of both public and private material, if you are seeking information and history on some topic in Lincoln, chances are we will have some interesting details to support your research!


The FLH Archives collection enables us to perform our own research to support and assist you with your research projects and enquiries.

Typical areas where we can provide support includes research on the following:

FLH Archives includes the following documents and paper artifacts:


  • Clinton Township, including Campden, Tintern, Vineland, and Vineland Station
  • Louth Township, including Jordan, Jordan Station, and Rockway
  • Beamsville


  • Lincoln and Welland (1876)
  • Early Pioneers in the District of Niagara (1782-1876)

Deeds (instrument number and summaries)

  • Using the instrument number, some of the original deeds can then be found at the Lincoln Pelham Public Library,
    Rittenhouse branch (from years 1855-1955).

Family History/Genealogy

  • Loyalist, Mennonite and other local families
  • Extensive family histories/genealogies, including published books.
  • Families include Albright, Ball, Beam, Beamer, Burkholder, Burton, Butler, Culp, Fairbrother, Fretz, Fry, Honsberger, Kerr, Konkle, Martin, Moyer, Nunnamaker, Prudhomme, Rittenhouse, Secord, Troup, Vosburgh, Wismer, and hundreds more.
  • Collections of Family diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, business ledgers, and bibles
  • See list of Families.

Local area maps

  • Includes early maps of Louth, Clinton, Beamsville, Lincoln, Niagara, etc.

Military Services

  • Lincoln Militia & Loyalist Provisional Lists (1786-1868)
  • Lincoln County Militia 1812-1866
  • World War I & II

Government records

  • Clinton Township, Louth Township, Lincoln County, Beamsville, Town of Lincoln, Niagara Region, etc.
  • Includes minute books, council records, taxes, census, elections, services, etc.

Vital records

  • Birth, marriage, death, wills, census, directories, etc.


  • Over 15 local cemeteries, including early as well as current day.
  • Cemetery collection includes the history and origins, dates, pictures, deeds, early records, and in some cases transcriptions and burials/plots
  • See list of Cemeteries


  • Over 50 local churches, including early as well as current day.
  • Church collection includes history and origins, founders, dates, pictures, deeds, celebrations, and early church records
  • See list of Churches


  • Over 30 local schools, including earliest to current day
  • School collection includes the history of the school and origins, dates, pictures, deeds, teachers and students, celebrations, and year books, e.g., Beamsville High School
  • See list of Schools

Subjects of Interest

  • Over 95 various subjects covering local content such as agriculture, buildings, businesses, landscapes, military, politics, sports, streetscapes, transportation, and wineries. Much of the material consists of local newspaper clippings of the various subjects, pictures, and personal records collected over many years
  • See list of Subjects

Collection of books and reference material focusing on Niagara, Ontario and Canada.

  • Lincoln local history includes:
    • Clinton Township: Beamsville, Campden, Tintern, Vineland, Vineland Station
    • Louth Township: Ball’s Falls (Glen Elgin), Jordan, Jordan Harbour, Jordan Station
  • Other local history includes surrounding areas:
    • Canborough, Crystal Beach, Dunnville and Haldimand Co., Fenwick, Grimsby, Hamilton incl. Wentworth Co., Niagara Peninsula, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland, West Lincoln incl. Smithville
  • Topics include French and Indian Wars, Loyalist Period, Mennonites, War of 1812, 1837 Rebellion, and World War I & II, and many more

Collection of Historical and Genealogical books and newsletters. Includes:

  • Annals of the Forty (Grimsby Historical Society)
  • Family Newsletters, e.g., Moyer
  • Lincoln History Club bulletins
  • Niagara Historical Society
  • Pelham Historical Society
  • Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario Publications
  • William F. Rannie, Rannie Publications. Includes “Lincoln, The Story of an Ontario Town”, “The Lady and the Manor”, “Cave Springs Farm”, “Stone from the Mountain”, “Home Children from Abroad”, etc.
  • United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada Publications and Newsletters


  • Searchable archive of 100’s of articles from local papers
  • Beamsville Express: 1897-1900, 1904-1906, 1925-1925, various other editions, including images of microfilmed pages from 1898-1903
  • Vineland Post: Various editions in 1957-1958
  • Vineland Jordan Post: Various editions in 1963-1965, 1969

Personal Scrapbooks

  • Covering many local topics, people, and events
A Acker (use Ecker), Albright, Allan, Allen, Amiss, Anable, Andersen, Anderson, Andres, Andrewes, Andrews, Archibald, Armbrust, Arnott, Armstrong, Askin, Atter, Atyeo, Awrey, Ayers
B Badgley, Baerg, Bald, Ball, Barich, Barkovic, Barnes, Barron, Bartlett, Bauer, Beal, Beam, Beamer, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Bechtel, Beckett, Beebe, Beemer, Belanger, Bell, Bennett, Berg, Bertran, Betler, Bicknell, Biggar, Bigger, Bishop, Black, Blain, Blair, Blake, Block, Boland, Bollinger, Book, Boughner, Bousfield, Bowen, Bowman, Bowslaugh, Bradt, Brady, Brennan, Brewer, Bridger, Brown, Brubacher, Bruinsma, Brunton, Buck, Bucknall, Bulkema, Bull, Bunston, Burkholder, Burns, Burton, Butler
C Campbell, Cardozo Carlson, Carmichael, Carter, Carter-Edwards, Carthew, Cesar, Chahil, Chajkowsky, Chayka, Cherniak, Cherrie, Christie, Clark, Claus, Clemens, Clendenin, Cline, Clinton, Coffman, Conley, Corcoran, Cornwell, Cole, Colyn, Combe, Comfort, Coon, Corbett, Corwin, Cosby, Cossitt, Cotnoir, Couse, Crain, Creelman, Creet, Cromwell, Crooks, Crow, Crown, Cruikshank, Crumb, Crysler, Culp, Culp (A-D), Culp (E-H), Culp (I); Culp (J-L); Culp (M-P); Culp (Q-Z); Culp (Isaac G.); Culp (Joe Ed); Culp (Samuel R.), Culp (Samuel S.), Culverhouse
D Damude, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davy, Dawdy, De Graaf, De St. Croix, Dean, Dennis, Dickie, Dickson, DiPietro, Disher, Dobbs, Dodd, Dolson, Doucette, Dougherty, Dow, Drury, Duc, Dueck, Dunnington, Durham, Dustan, Dyck, Dykstra
E Earle, Easton, Ecker, Eckhardt, Eddy, Elliotson, Ellis, Elzinga, Emson, English, Ens, Erb, Evans
F Fahnestock, Fairbairn, Fairbrother, Fairchild, Fairfield, Fast, Field, Fielding, Filby, Finbow, Fisher, Fiske, Fleming, Fletcher, Fluhrer, Forsyth, Foster, Fowler, Fracchioni, Fralick, Fransen, Fraser Frayne, Freas, Frere, Fretz, Freure, Fritshaw, Frost, Fry, Fullerton, Fultz, Funk, Fyfe
G Gardner, Garr, Garriock, Garrold, Gayman, Gee, Geiger, George, Gerhart, Gibson, Gierula, Giesbrecht, Gillespie, Gillham, Gilmore, Gnys, Good, Gowanlock,
H Hadley, Hagerman, Haist, Halkias, Hallett, Hambleton, Hamilton, Hannah, Hansel/Hansler, Hansen, Harcourt, Harder, Hare, Harkness, Harper, Harris, Hartig, Haskins, Haun, Hauser, Havens, Haynes, Hearle, Heckadon, Hendershot, Henderson, Hendricks, Hendriks, Henry, Hewitt, Hicks, High, Hildebrand, Hildreth, Hill, Hilton, Hipple, Hobden, Hochstrasser, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgkins, Hodgson, Hoffman, Holditch, Holm, Holman, Honsberger/Hunsberger, Honsberger (Christian), Honsberger (John), Honsberger (Samuel), Hoover, Hopkins, Horsley, Horton, Hotson, House, Houser, Houtby, Howard, Howey, Hudak, Huffman, Huisman, Huntsman, Huntsman (Adam), Huntsman (Archibald G.), Huntsman (A-H), Huntsman (I-P), Huntsman (Q-Z), Hurlburt, Huson, Hutchinson
I Inglehart, Ismond
J Jacklin, James, Janssen, Janzen, Jefferies, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jory, Jouppien, Juhlke, Julian, Julien, Juniper
K Kaiser, Kalas, Karatopis, Karr, Keates, Keating, Keczan, Keep, Keith, Kelloway, Kemp, Kennedy, Keown, Kerr, Kew, Kilborn, Kimberley, King, Kingz, Kirn, Kitchen, Klager, Konkle, Koop, Koornneef, Kotrus, Kowalik, Kratz, Kryzanowski, Kulp, Kunica
L Lambert, Lane, Lansdell, Laundry, Lautenbach, Lawrence, Lear, Lederach, Leggatt, Lehman, Lenko, Lent, Leonard, Leppert, Lilley, Lind, Lindaberry, Lister, Locke, Longmire, Lounsbury, Love, Luey, Lumley, Lupa, Lyons
M MacDonald, Mackey, Mackie, MacMillan, MacNinch, Macri, Maher, Manley, Maracle, Marlatt, Marlow, Marson, Martin, Martindale, Masales, Mavor, May, McArthur, McBride, McCombs, McCormack, McGaw, McGee McGregor, McIntyre, McKeever, McKenzie, McLean, McMillan, McNeil, McPherson, Merrell, Mewhiney, Merritt, Metler, Michener, Migus, Mihell, Miller, Miner, Mings, Misener, Mitges, Mitchell, Moffat, Moore, Moote/Moot/Muth, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Moses, Mossey, Mountain Mowat, Moyer, Moyer (A-D), Moyer (E-H), Moyer (I-L), Moyer (M-P), Moyer (Q-T), Moyer(U-X), Moyer (Y-Z), Moyer (Christian Jr.), Moyer (Christian Sr.), Moyer (Dilman), Moyer (Elmon), Moyer (H. Kenneth), Moyer (Harvey D.), Moyer (Jacob), Moyer (Lawrence), Moyer (Samuel, 1734-), Moyer (Samuel, 1767-), Moyer (Samuel I.), Moyer (Samuel S.), Mulder, Murgatroyd, Murray, Myers
N Nash, Nestoras, Neufeld, New, Nicholls, Nigh, North, Nunn, Nunnamaker
O Odell, Oliver, Oliveria, Oosterhoff, O’Reilly, Orth, Osborne, Oswald, Overholt
P Pachereva, Packham, Painter, Palidor, Panter, Palamarchuk, Palmer, Parker, Parnall, Pascottini, Patterson, Pawling, Payea, Peacock, Pechavar, Pekar, Pelrine, Pennachetti, Penner, Perry, Peters, Petit, Petty, Philbrick, Phillips, Pinfield, Platts, Plugers, Plummerfelt, Ponting, Pope, Potter, Preece, Preston, Price, Proctor, Prokich, Proudfoot, Prudhomme, Ptolemy, Putman, Pysher
Q Quinlan
R Randall, Rannie, Ransom , Rasmussen, Reaman, Redford, Reed, Reesor, Reid, Reimer, Reiser, Rempel, Reniewick, Renner, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Riediger, Riehl, Riggins, Rintjema, Ripley, Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse (Abraham Funk), Rittenhouse (Abraham Kienzle), Rittenhouse (Charles Harold), Rittenhouse (Daniel Brewer), Rittenhouse (David), Rittenhouse (Ezra), Rittenhouse (George Funk), Rittenhouse (Howard M.), Rittenhouse (Jacob Funk), Rittenhouse (James Brewer), Rittenhouse (John, 1742-1796), Rittenhouse (John, 1800-1881), Rittenhouse (John Funk), Rittenhouse (Larry), Rittenhouse (Michael Conrad), Rittenhouse (Michael Funk), Rittenhouse (Michael Hunsberger), Rittenhouse, (Michael Kienzle), Rittenhouse (Moses F.), Rittenhouse (Moses Kienzle), Rittenhouse (Reginald H.), Rittenhouse (Solomon H.), Rittenhouse (Wilhelm), Rittenhouse (William Brewer), Rittenhouse (William Funk), Roach, Robb, Robertson, Robinson, Roepke, Rogers, Roland, Romagnoli, Romp, Ross, Rosts, Rowan, Rowland, Rubel, Runchey, Russ, Russell, Ryan, Ryckman
S Sachdeva, Salter, Sann, Santoro, Saunders, Savage, Schindel, Schinkel, Schmidt, Schnick, Schonewille, Schram, Schwab, Schwenker, Secord, Seymour, Shadinger, Shantz, Shaw, Sheldon, Shepherd, Sheridan, Shickluna, Short, Shorthouse, Shriner, Shutz, Sievenpiper, Simmerman (use Zimmerman), Simpson, Sinclair, Singer, Sisler, Sloetjes, Schmidt, Smith, Snider, Snure, Snyder, Sobye, Southward, Speck, Spiece, Spotten, St. Croix, Staff, Stallwood, Stec, Steinman, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stobbe, Stone, Stoner, Stouck, Strong, Stulp, Sume, Summers, Sumner, Sutton, Swartz, Swayze, Sweet, Swibb, Szasz
T Tallman, Taylor, Teesdale, Teather, Teeter, Terryberry, Theune, Thomas, Thombs, Thompson, Thomson, Tice, Tigchelaar, Tinlin, Toth, Trauttmansdorff, Trevelyan, Troup, Truckenbrodt, Trumm, Truscott, Tucker, Tufford, Turnbull, Turner
V Vail, Van Der Beek, Van Es, VanEvery, Van Norman, Van Vliet, Vaughn, Vdoviak, Venketeswaran, Verbeek, Vilim, Vlassis-Radulovich, Vosburgh
W Wagner, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Walters, Wardell, Wark, Warkentin, Warner, Weatherson, Webster, Wedge, Weier, Werner, West, Whipple, Whiteside, Whitfield, Whitty, Whitwell, Widdicombe, Wiebe, Wiers, Wilcox, Wiley, Williams, Wills, Wilson, Wintermute, Wismer, Wood, Woodruff, Woods, Wotherspoon, Wright, Wyrcimaga, Wylie
Y Yates, Ysseldyk
Z Zachar, Zimmerman/Simmerman, Zwiep

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