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The FLH Archives collection is only possible due to the generous support and donations from many donors throughout the years. Like us, many are history lovers and are dedicated to preserving the past & the present for the future. Once it’s thrown out, it’s gone forever!

Don’t Toss It – Donate It!!

As you clear out those stacks of boxes and paper in the closet or attic gathering dust, please don’t throw them away. Old documents, scrapbooks, photographs, etc., can provide a wealth of information and are invaluable for those researching their roots or local history. Call us!

Types of documents and paper artefacts that we would love to receive from you include:

  • Family stories, histories, and genealogy
  • Family diaries, letters, land documents/deeds, and bibles
  • Personal scrapbooks covering local topics, people, and events
  • Photographs (including people, streetscapes, buildings, etc.)
  • School, church, and business histories, records, and ledgers
  • Local area maps
  • Old newspapers and newsletters
  • Local and regional historical books and reference material
  • While originals are wonderful, copies are also very welcome!

Monetary Donations

In addition to donations of documents and paper artifacts to our Archives collection, we accept monetary donations. As a registered charitable organization, we are funded from memberships, grants and other revenue-generating activities, and monetary donations are a key contributor to helping us safely manage our collection.

Drop by the Archives, or connect with us by email or phone from our Contact page to discuss.

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The Friends of Lincoln’s History membership fees contribute to running the FLH Archives.

Membership fees include access to Friends of Lincoln’s History meetings and events held throughout the year. These include the Annual General Meeting in December, as well as speaker and other events held typically on a quarterly basis. Fees are payable annually upon renewal.

FLH Membership Fees

Single $15.00 per year
Family $25.00 per year