Where the past meets the future

Join us in this timeless adventure as we uncover the tales of Lincoln Ontario’s past, preserving its history and engaging with the community to create a vibrant future rooted in our heritage. Together, we’ll ensure that Lincoln’s history continues to thrive for generations to come.

Guardians of Lincoln’s History

At the heart of the Town of Lincoln, Ontario, lies a rich tapestry of history waiting to be unveiled. We, the Friends of Lincoln’s History [“FLH”], are on a mission to preserve this local treasure for both present and future generations. Our dedication to safeguarding the heritage of the Town of Lincoln is a testament to our commitment to keeping history alive.

Archiving Lincoln’s Legacy

Step into the captivating world of Lincoln’s history with us. Our journey begins by collecting and curating a rich tapestry of materials that chronicle Lincoln Ontario’s past, including the former townships of Clinton and Louth. Within our extensive archive, you’ll discover the stories, folklore and heritage that have deeply influenced our community over the years. Join us in preserving this invaluable legacy and embark on a voyage into the past today! Explore our archive to gain a deeper appreciation for our town’s remarkable heritage.

Preserving Our Heritage

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to preserving Lincoln’s historical treasures. We are dedicated custodians of the town’s physical, social, cultural, agricultural, and industrial heritage. Our mission is to protect and maintain historical artifacts, records and structures that tell the story of our town’s evolution, ensuring they endure for generations to come. Preserving Lincoln’s rich heritage is a collective effort. Join us in our mission by supporting our preservation initiatives. Your contributions make a significant impact in safeguarding our town’s history for generations to come. Donate now to help protect our heritage.


Become an active participant in preserving and sharing our history. Volunteer with us, attend our events or contribute your own historical knowledge. Together, we can ensure that Lincoln’s history remains vibrant and accessible. Join our community of history enthusiasts today!

Engaging With History

History comes alive when we engage with it. Our goal is to share the captivating historical information we’ve collected and preserved, igniting an enduring interest in the past. We’re advocates for the preservation of Lincoln’s archaeological, architectural and historical heritage. Join us on this journey of discovery and become a part of our town’s ongoing story.

Heritage Tour of Rockway

SATURDAY, JUNE 1st, 2024
10 am – 3 pm

Join us for a Heritage Tour of Rockway on the Fifteen-Mile Creek. Our tour includes the Rockway Cemetery and Rockway Presbyterian Church, the historic Brown Homestead, as well as Henry of Pelham Winery. All locations have fascinating histories dating over 2 centuries!

Share Your Family’s Lincoln Story

Do you hold the key to a piece of Lincoln’s history? We invite you to contribute to our mission by sharing your family documents and paper history. Your stories, photographs and documents are precious threads in the tapestry of our town’s past. Help us preserve Lincoln’s history through the stories of the families who have lived and worked here.

Acknowledging our Past, Moving Forward in the Future

We acknowledge that the land where we are located is within the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (as covered in the Between the Lakes Treaty No. 3 of 1792), and has been the traditional territories to other Indigenous people for thousands of years.

We are grateful to the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation for sharing this land with us. We stand with all Indigenous people in promoting respectful relationships and the wise stewardship of the lands on which we live to benefit future generations.

The Friends of Lincoln’s History would like to thank both the Moses F. Rittenhouse Trust Fund at the Niagara Community Foundation and the Town of Lincoln for their generous funding grants to support our program initiatives!