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Tel.       (905)-562-4242

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Hours – most Wednesdays: 9:00am-3:00pm

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Website –

                             OFFICERS’ POSITIONS - 2017



                                    President      Bev Davies


                            Vice-President      Les High


                                     Secretary     Mary Lou Garr


                                    Treasurer      Hilda Wiley


                       Director at Large      Bill Salter


                       Director at Large      Blake McIntyre


                                     Archivist       Ruth Smith


                             Past President      Ray Konkle

F.LH Membership Fees


Single $15.00 per year


Family $25.00 per year



Fees Include access to F.L.H. Meetings,


and all other F.L.H.  events throughout the current year, at no cost.


Fees Payable Annually at F.L.H. Annual General Meeting in December.